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The new world of work isn't just about where we go to work.

It's how we create a future work setting that continues to inspire and deliver the modern workplace experience that employees want and give leaders the tools they need to protect the future financial health of their businesses and environment.

Hybrid Working Report

Read the latest Hybrid Working report from Raconteur, published, and printed in The Times newspaper. Featuring the latest topics and comments from around the workspace industry including an interview with our executive chairman, Steve Vatidis on 'How to build your workplace for a hybrid future'.

Hybrid Work for Employees

Employees want complete flexibility and control of their work schedules, but they need a combination of the right tools, employee experience and feel that going to the office offers maximum value in productivity and collaboration.

Hybrid Work for Employers

Employers know that building a modern, hybrid workplace and culture is now critical for employee retention, attracting new talent and remaining strong against their competitors.

However, without the right tools, data and an understanding of how the new office of the future should be designed - guesswork and perception are the only foundations for strategy.

A transformational hybrid work solution.

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Data driven office design.

Using existing WIFI networks and sensor technology, we uncover occupancy and space utilization history to influence critical decisions on resizing, cost effectiveness, carbon footprint impact and office design to deliver the best employee experience.

Space utilization data

We aggregate your workspace and actual utilization data into a single consolidated view.

Helping you uncover the insights you need to shape your office of the future whilst reducing real estate, facility and utility costs.

Sensor integration

Our API connects to many of the world's leading sensor providers including VergeSense and XY Sense.

Bringing precision data to your insights for a deeper understanding of critical space usage.

Floor plans

Connect to your existing IWMS to import your floor plans and bring your data visualization to life.

As your designs change, our API keeps your plans synchronized and up to date, removing the risks of version control and data integrity.

Scheduling data

Complete the full picture and connect quickly and seamlessly to your desk and meeting room scheduling services.

Measuring a successful return to the office.

As companies and organizations begin to accelerate their return to office strategies, the question of what success looks like and how to measure it is becoming a board room hot topic.

HubStar is helping business leaders across the globe to identify and measure critical data points on occupancy, utilization and scheduling in a hybrid solution built to meet the exact challenges faced by a return to office in a new hybrid work environment.

Don't leave you return to office success to chance. Get the insights and results you need with HubStar.

Measuring Occupancy

Get insights into employee occupancy levels across different times, days, date ranges, floors, rooms and sites throughout your real estate.

Measuring Utilization

See actual utilization data at room and building level with intuitive dashboard visualizations, using your own floor plans.

Low Barrier Entry Technology

Our API provides fast, no-nonsense integrations for existing, multiple software and hardware vendors. Bringing together all your workspace and utilization data - portfolio wide - into one system of truth.

Machine Learning & Analytics

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic types allow you to make optimization decision based on past data, whilst our smart technology presents future trends and recommendations moving forward.

Delivering the best employee experience

Employees are already on their way back to the office, but the office experience is falling significantly short of expectations.

Individual scheduling preferences, lack of smart tools, poorly designed office layouts and no hybrid workplace strategy, means that when they arrive at the office - the excitement of seeing colleagues, having meetings and face to face productivity is fragmented at best. Leaving employees at a loss as to what value the office really holds.

How do you fix this? Workplace Analytics.

Population Control

See how employee and visitor scheduling is impacting capacity and time. Allowing you to flatten the curve on higher scheduling volumes or more popular days in the office, creating a more engaging, collaborative environment across quieter periods.

Office Layout

See how space is being used when people visit the office. Are there deficiencies in space for collaboration, concentration work or areas where conditions or technology improvements are required to increase utilization?

Resource Demand

Look at trends and get recommendations on how to manage population, capacity and scheduling across given days, time frames and locations, helping to balance demand on resources and space to prevent a poor experience through lack of facilities or shortages.

Checking In

Reduce the process of coming to the office and increase the simplicity. Smart, intuitive scheduling with Smartway2, makes going to the office as simple as it always was, with auto check-in for desk booking and visitor management.

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Space utilization, occupancy analytics and workspace management are now a critical factor in developing a successful hybrid work strategy and return to the office.

Join global enterprise brands from around the world who are using HubStar to gain critical insights to drive effective, cost efficient, real estate management objectives and deliver the ultimate hybrid employee experience.

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